Losing my virginity

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Van Bram

When I found a temporary job as a clerk with a waste company, my two salesrep co-workers were female. Most of the time we had lunch with just our three, sometimes we were joined by the area manager or another salesrep. At one of those lunches Alexandra asked me if I lost my virginity. Unfortunately not I replied, which lead to a positive surprise for my honest answer. She told me: "You waited for the right person and didn't look at an age to lose your virginity, that is so awesome".

She developed a plan for Queen's Day. I was invited to a nice bar to celebrate with her this national holiday. At first we just talked, laughed at silly jokes and after a while she put a hand on my chest and told me she had a pleasant surprise for me waiting at her house. We left the bar and went to her beautiful apartment and settled on the couch, talking about very ordinary stuff, building a sexual tension. After a while we started kissing and she started to undress me, and I did that with her. She playfully led me to the bath and we took a bath.

After our bath she became my Queen for Queen's day - she made me a man.