Popping my cherry with an older woman

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Priest

I was smitten by our family friend (a woman - older than me) who came to the US from my home country at the same time as me. She knew I was interested in her and liked her but I didn't know how to proceed. So one day after a church gathering I stood next to her and started talking to her. Her perfume drove me crazy and she knew. We went back to her brother’s place and for the first time I saw in her eyes the want for me. I kept talking to her, trying to get her to open her fantasies and desires to me. She mentioned that she needed a nice back massage. The following week I looked up some massage techniques for the back. I called her at her work and told her I will be waiting for at her place. When she arrived, we talked for a little while and she insisted on cooking. I stopped her and asked her to try the massage. I worked on her back and I could feel the smooth silky skin. I could sense that she was excited by my touch. In this overall process, I bent down and gave her a kiss on her lips. From there I worked on taking her clothes off and she clasped me so hard it was amazing and being a virgin it was an exhilarating experience for me.