Under the desk where tongue meets pussy

A Sexual Fantasy


She was one of about 40 women working at a desk in the office. Beautiful, tall, with long hair and longer, magnificent, athletic legs. Everyday she wore short skirts. Everyday she walked past me, lithe and strong, and sat down at her desk. Her presence became an obsession of sorts. I fantasized that I would quietly crawl under her desk, visible to everyone, but seen by no one. As I approached her chair from under her desk, she spread her legs until they were stretching at the sides of her skirt. She didn't wear any panties. I knew that she wouldn't. Her pussy directly in front of me, I lunged between her perfect legs, until my head was under her skirt and my mouth on her pussy and my tongue licking and circling her clit. She leans into my mouth and tongue, and clenches her legs tightly around my body. The smell of her moist, hot cunt overpowers me. I feast ravenously.