Locked at the High School Reunion

A Sexual Fantasy

— By C.C.

I’ve always had a fantasy of getting accidentally locked in a broom closet/janitor closet with this guy I knew in high school...

This guy and I weren’t quite enemies in school, but we definitely got in lots of disagreements in class. There was always this tension and electricity between us. I knew he enjoyed pushing my buttons. I liked making him sweat. He was a pretty boy jock and I was the chubby, good girl perfect student. I had a secret crush on him for years.

We’re both on the planning committee for our ten year high school reunion. The night of the big reunion dance, its the hottest night of the year. This guy and I are picked at random to go get a few fans from the supply closet in the main building.

We are mostly silent on the walk over, and find the closet quickly. We open the door, step inside, fumbling for the light switch in the pitch black darkness. Suddenly the door slams behind us and locks from the outside. Neither of us has brought a cellphone and the closet is in a totally different building than the dance, so no one can hear us banging on the door.

We try anyway for a few minutes, and finally slump down on opposite ends of the tiny room.

We’re silent for a while and finally he says some comment that pisses me off and I fire back a similarly incendiary comment. We start full blown arguing, standing up and getting in each other’s faces. The fight builds until we’re both breathing heavily and our noses are an inch apart.

Suddenly, he surges forward and kisses me. I’m so shocked I push him away. He starts to apologize and I ask him what the fuck was he thinking. He admits he’s always had a thing for me and just wanted to know what it was like to kiss me just once.

He starts to sit back down and suddenly I’m the one who flies forward and kisses him. He responds quickly, backing me up against a wall, lifting one of my legs to curve around his hips.

We break apart, panting, and I admit I’ve always had a crush on him too. He attacks my lips again with a feral noise. Things escalate and my dress comes off along with his suit, leaving his tie on. Despite my protests that I’m too heavy, he effortlessly picks me up and starts fucking me against the wall. After I come, he puts me down, and guides me to the floor, where he lays me down on his spread out suit jacket. The frenzied fucking from a few minutes before evolves into tender, emotion filled lovemaking, with him on top, cradling the sides of my face and putting our foreheads together.

We both come and he stays inside me for a while, softly kissing and licking me, while I lazily drag my fingers along his back. He whispers “you’re mine”.

I am in total bliss.