Live Show

A Sexual Fantasy

— By DarthEros

My wife walks me slowly into the room, kisses me deeply as she undresses me, slowly lowers me into a chair where she handcuffs me in place. She then proceeds to tell me about her fantasy — as she slowly undresses herself — of being with another woman, how she wants to taste her, and have a woman's delicate touch caress her all over, and feel her soft lips leave gentle kisses on her labia and clitoris. She begins fingering herself as another woman enters the room and starts making that fantasy a reality, making me watch, unable to move, my cock getting harder by the second. The women bring each other to orgasm before my wife frees my bonds and takes me in her mouth. I don't last long. She gives me a deep kiss with my cum all over her lips, as her and her new friend get ready for round two... this time with me as a participant.