A little wine makes a confession flow

A Sexual Fantasy

— By maryandmark

We were on our second honeymoon, visiting different vineyards in Chile during the rainy season. One foggy and rainy afternoon we enjoyed a wine tasting at a cozy little bed and breakfast at the foothills of the Andes. After the official tasting was over my wife began kissing me in front of the very warm common area fireplace.
Not to be rude to our host, I took her hand and led her to our bedroom off of the main hall. It was on the way that she whispered into my ear "I have a secret..." Thinking that she was being coy about our make out session, I told her to whisper it in my ear. She got on her tiptoes and said "I want to eat a pussy while you watch."
Nothing could have prepared me for this. While willing to watch porn with me, she would often act squeamish when the girl-girl scenes would come on, now she was telling me she wanted to be a part of one of these sessions.
Once in the room, I asked her to tell me more. She went on in some detail about how they would kiss, she would play with a set of breasts for the first time, and eventually slide her fingers inside another woman. While she was describing it, I would do it on her body. When she finally got to the part about eating a woman, I started to lick her soft folds, eventually playing only the story in her mind while I eventually made her come. I can think of no other words that would have turned me on more.
Since our return to the states, it has come up again only once, briefly, but with the promise of making it happen if circumstances allow.