My Lifelong Fascination with Latex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LatexLover1953

It began when I was 13. I had to have a minor procedure on my ear. A beautiful young blond nurse wearing latex gloves held my head steady. One of her hands was right over my nose, and I inhaled the scent of latex for the first time. The smell of latex sent an erection to my penis.

After that, it was on with me. The first item I checked was Mom’s yellow gloves for washing dishes. They did not have very much of that smell, and they disappointed me.

I was always sniffing objects to see if I could find that smell again. I had to attend a birthday party for a neighbor’s ten-year-old daughter when I found it again. She had many huge helium balloons in the room and the entire kitchen smelled of latex. It sent a chill through me and at once mt hard on reappeared. I asked her if I could have a couple of balloons after her party and she said yes.

I took them home and tied them on my headboard. That night I could not wait to go to bed. I put hugged it to my face, and the results were immediate. I touched it to see how hard it was and it surprised me. I took the second one and put it under the covers. The feelings I got when it rubbed up against me took me over the top to my first orgasm.

After a few days, they were very soft, and I was able to wrap one around my hard-on.

Two things happened after that. My father talked to me about nocturnal emissions and mom disposed of the balloons while I was at school.

When I was 16 I had another awakening. Mom was cleaning out the linen closet, and I discovered her latex douche bag behind the stack of towels. To make the experience even better she threw away a snow white latex sheet that she used when I was a baby. After I took the trash out, I secretly stole the sheet and hid it.

I sniffed the heavenly scent of mom’s latex douche bag; it is mixed with the scent of her Massengill powder. I had many happy endings right there at the linen closet.

Further investigation revealed her Koromex diaphragm under her panties, as well as dad's Trojans in his sock drawer.

So today all my wife has to do is put in her diaphragm, and don a pair of brown latex surgical gloves and cup it over my nose… Sorry got to go.