A Sexual Fantasy

— By Goodmourning2u

This medium, for creativity, is great! I get out all of my deepest and darkest desires. Blood has always held a special place in my dark heart. I've bled, sometimes on accident and sometimes on purpose. Obviously, actual blood is very dangerous, and hard to acquire, but if you use pomegranate juice, it looks very similar and tastes amazing when licked from the skin. I have squeezed the juice from the fruit all over my wife and cleaned her from head to toe. You get a chance to stimulate every single glorious inch of your lover. Her skin trembled and twitched as my tongue traced around her nipples and down her stomach. Her body jolted and shook as I sucked and manipulated her clit with my mouth. She was even willing to let me work my magic to clean the juice from her asshole. Before this night she had never cum from being eaten out or any other way, than penetration. In fact, it was so erotica that both us came without any penetration at all. My tongue and mouth were provided all the stimulation and penetration needed. When all was said and done and the juice was dry, I decided her pleasure wasn't over. I walked her over to our tub and finished her night with a relaxing sponge bath. We have yet to do this again, but after writing this, I will begin making plans for it.
Erika, if chosen, would you mind using German as the language spoken in the film? Thank you and I love what you do. You are a true and beautiful artist. Thank you.