Lick it 'til she ejaculates

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sunny

I dreamed of having sex with girls older than me and more experienced than me in sex making.
I dreamed of my friends wife who is abroad and asks me to be meet her once a week.
When I meet her looking at her I imagine her in her panties. I get erotica red with the idea of sexy panties even they're not on the body. I want to visit her home when she is alone and give all that I have. I enjoy sex with my wife for at least 30 minutes even after 9 years of marriage. I love sucking and licking her boobs and and want to give her my cock in her ass first. I want her to lick and suck my cock until I'm about to ejaculate. The best thing I do according to my wife is licking her pussy to the extend that she generally evacuates before having intercourse. I love to lick pussy for a long time and still not get satisfied. While licking pussy I love the 'ohh's and 'ahhh's of a girl and the pleasure she gets. I want to see these pleasures and hear the moaning of my friends wife. Even if we don't have intercourse I dream of ejaculating on each other by licking and sucking. The whole pleasure lies in these rather than just having intercourse.