Library Hookup

A Sexual Fantasy

— By wunderbar

I have had this fantasy of sex among books lately. As a student, I have been spending a lot of time in the library, reading and taking notes in the dark with only a bit of light from a reading lamp. Lately, a friend of mine has joined me in the library. We were in a relationship once and are still intimate every once in a while, so there is a lot of sexual tension. The other day, I had this fantasy that I would start touching and stroking him underneath the table. He would get excited but he would have to hide it, so the other students wouldn’t notice. He would start touching me too, all hidden underneath the tables. After some time, we would not be able to bare it anymore and go among some bookshelves in some lonely part of the library. He would start by fingering me (something that he does so well and it drives me absolutely insane) and then go on to have passionate sex, all the while having to take care not to make too much noise (it’s the library after all), barely being able to contain ourselves...I was too shy to act on my fantasy that day, but maybe you can make it come true?