Leave a little to the imagination

A Sexual Fantasy

— By antimony

A provocative start. A slow, intellectual exchange.

Anonymous online communication builds inevitably like foreplay.

She revealed little about herself. But what little she did, I liked. We were both busy people, intellectual. Her raven hair and shapely body were exquisite.

With each email, a hypnotic connection. Each of her words probing deeper into my desires, revealing more of my need. The distance between us was intoxicating, the anticipation arousing.

I had never prolonged a state of desire like this, but it made me appreciate her more - her daily life juxtaposed with her secret dominatrix tendencies, her curiosity, her readiness to ignore the taboo.

I thought the intensity had come to a head when we first masturbated together, but I was wrong. When we finally met, it was obvious that we were true lovers, and that the journey to fulfill our ravenous appetites had only just begun.