Latte Macchiato

A Sexual Fantasy

— By eatsleepdaverepeat

She's off. On a business trip. I am left. Alone. With a list. Not my bucket list. A daily duty list. I've got work to do. My work. Piece of cake, no sweat. I'm a big boy. First my work, then the list. When the work - my work - is done the list is still there. I can't let her down. I said I was a big boy. Big boys take care of lists. Ironing makes me sweat. No pants needed to do the ironing. I get all wet doing the dishes. No t-shirt needed to do the dishes. I am nearly naked and as miserable as never before. What a tough life. There is a PS on the list. Daily duties are less miserable with porn it says. This might save me. I need a vacuum-cleaner and a computer. Vacuum-cleaning makes me even more hot, I am naked now. I watch a gorgeous blonde getting bonked by 3 guys and a busty brunette with sperm on her tits. I'm hard now. I need a rest. I need to take care of myself. I imagine I am the man filming the action. I am alone with my POV. She looks at me, she likes what I am doing. I come. The sperm floods the table and the computer. My work is nearly done now. I think I will tell the computer shop a latte macchiato ruined my keyboard.