Latté and a fuck, to go

A Sexual Fantasy

— By The rammer

I have a close friend, living just across the freeway a few blocks away. One morning a week, usually Fridays, I walk across a bridge to her place for a morning coffee. Early in the morning, before breakfast. We discuss everything between heaven and earth, also very intimate subjects. She once asked me to take photos of her, of quite an intimate nature... This got us even closer and we became more physical, taking every chance to touch each others hands, cheek, etc. One morning, her 8 year old daughter was still at home when I came. She was ill and had to stay at home for school. But me and my friend wanted to get close. Suddenly, she went to the bath room, still in her negligé. After a while she called for me, to help her take down the laundry hanging across the ceiling. So I did, and standing behind her, I grabbed her by the breasts through the negligé. She rubbed her body against mine, while her daughter was lying the living room sofa, coughing under a blanket. I lifted the hem of my friend's negligé and pulled down my trousers while she leaned forwards, her hands on the sink. I quickly put my cock in her pussy and we fucked frantically. My friend is a moaner and realised that the door to the bath room was open. She swung around, me still in her, and reached for the door (which opened outwards) and managed to close it without me separating from her. We continued to fuck, me holding my hand over her mouth to stop the moans from escaping. I came in her and we quickly washed and put our clothes back on before her daughter would knock on the door and ask what we were doing...
This is a true story