Latin Dancers

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rumba Fan

Me and my partner are Latin-American dancers and compete in international tournaments. It’s more than five years that we’ve danced together and I can really say she’s my best friend. Although we’ve spent so much time together, we’ve never come closer to each other, not wanting to risk our partnership. But this time it should be all different: After our last competition - where we had surprisingly reached the first place - we got back to our nearby hotel room. Still caught by our success, the intimacy on the floor while performing a really hot rumba and the overwhelming beauty of my partner, I started kissing her lips and touching her perfectly shaped body. She looked stunning with her styled hair, the bronzed skin and her beautiful face. We both were so horny as the thrilling emotions set free in our dancing were still pulsating in our bodies. I took off her 2000€-dress, caressing her soft breasts while her hand slid into my dancing-trousers and stimulated my hard-on. Having undressed myself, I removed my partners fishnet tights and slip, before I started licking her shaved pussy. She was really wet, her increasing arousal ending up in the first orgasm. After giving me a short blow job, we switched from missionary via spoon style to cowgirl position where we finally both reached a tremendous climax. Our bodies now covered with a mixture of tanning cream and sweat, we decided to have a shower. Of course, it didn’t take long until our lechery had returned and we were setting our lust free in great shower sex…

For both of us, this day hasn’t only brought the greatest success in our dancing career but also the best sex in our lives.Now we are a couple – also in real life – and it feels fantastic! Being dancing and sex partners… why didn’t we try this earlier?