La Petite Mort

A Sexual Fantasy

— By simplysedcutive

Quite recently I have found myself interested in the French language. It's accent and tone is very different from English. It's fluent, soft and passionate expression throws away rigid and taut sentences and instead hums in beauty. It's syllables become blurred into something irresistible. This interest of mine has lead me to reading a French erotic novel (English translated) and was even more immersed when this French author had written with such allusive words and phrases to describe sex. Phrases such as "My flower" and "mutual oder" put the me in the scene as if to experience an orgasm with the character! I imagine maybe one day to fly over to France and meet a beautiful girl who has coincidentally read the same novel for us to then reenact the scenes from different chapters. And I magically know how to speak French too (I'm from Australia, and 21 year old male) but hey, it's just a dream.