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A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

My favourite time in summer: 5 pm. It starts to cool a little, but it is still very hot outside. A few weeks ago I noticed you for the first time, behind a small window across the street, one of the few windows overlooking my small roof terrace. I enter my roof terrace with only my silk kimono on, I am nude underneath. On a tray I have everything I need, white wine, some snacks, sun tan oil, lube and my favourite dildo. I lie down on my sun stretcher, oiled up with sun tan, sipping my white wine, waiting for you to appear behind that window... And then... Showtime! I start playing with myself, spreading my legs, showing myself to your prying eyes... I lube my dildo, and push it slowly in my wet, eager pussy. Soon I go all the way, 10 inches of black rubber stretching me up! Then I turn around, sit on my knees, with my butt towards you, and push one finger in my anus, while I keep on stretching my pussy with that black monster. Then, the Grand Finale of this private show, I slowly push the dildo in my tight butthole, while playing with my clit until I come. After, I still sit there with my ass an the air, until the weight of the dildo lets it slide out of my butt. I blow a kiss across the street, put on my kimono and go inside. I hope you enjoyed my little private peep show!