Kiss with Benefits

A Sexual Fantasy

— By zusammen_40

A couple are at home, sitting on a comfortable sofa, drinking some wine. Candles are burning, soft music is playing in the background. Slowly they start to fondle and undress each other. They caress each other everywhere and after some time she sits on his lap and his cock glides into her. Some minutes later he stands up with her, his cock still in her. They go to the bedroom and they lie down, slowly and tenderly fucking. After some changes of position, he pulls out and starts to lick her. She is already very excited and so she quickly reaches a wonderful and intense orgasm. After that, she needs a little break while he caresses her tenderly and kisses her.

After a while, she asks him if he has a wish, what he would most like her to do. He asks her if she wants to blow him. She agrees and begins the blowjob. He asks to come in her mouth while she continues sucking on him. She smiles at him and promises a surprise for him after. She lays between his legs, so that she can look him in the eye. She gives him an intense but slow blowjob until he comes in her mouth. She continues sucking until he has completely emptied himself in her mouth. Then she creeps up slowly, his cum still in her mouth. When she reaches his face, she begins to kiss him. Slowly they both open their mouths and kiss passionately with the cum on their tongues.