Just wanna watch you with another

A Sexual Fantasy

— By tonyberg

She swears that she has never been with any other man except her ex husband and me. I don't know why but I'm just dying to watch her with another person man or woman.... We agree to go at a strip club. She knows that I like black women very much so I told her to choose a girl that she likes the most to call her for a lap dance. At the same time I have a black beauty to dance on me. She picked a tiny, blond very sexy girl that looked a lot like her. We sit next to each other to enjoy the lapdance. In Greece, the lapdance involves a lot of touching and rubbing ALL OVER THE BODY by the booty, the boobs and other parts of the body of the dancer. So after a minute, I put my hand between my girlfriend's legs, right at her pussy.....just to see the result of all that touching and rubbing by the sexy blond, tiny dancer. She was wet....very wet....very very very wet!!!! She didn't say anything in that moment. I kept watching her while at the same time she was watching the super sexy ebony rubbing her booty on my dick. I noticed my girlfriend becoming very excited but she tried to hide it. She had a strong orgasm that became a loud scream for a second. Later she explained that her orgasm was not by the girl rubbing her pussy but just by watching me enjoying my fantasy coming true. I guess I will never learn the truth but it was a great experience anyway.