Just Friends

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Loup

I guess people would say I'm a cheater, even if I don't feel like one. It happened only once, with one of my best friends. We have always had that thing, you could feel it in the way we touched just a bit too long, but never enough so either of us would make a move. After years of friendship, the stars aligned and we found ourselves alone in an empty apartment for a night. I laid on my side of the bed, he did the same, but there was something different this time. After a moment I just said «Do you want it as much as I do?» and he answered «yes». And then we were, in my friend's bed almost in complete darkness, sharing our first kiss after all that time. We kissed, in a lot of different places, we touched each other's bodies like we had never seen or touched one before and we had sex in a way that was completely new to me. It felt so perfect, so natural, yet neither of us orgasmed that night but we didn't care. It still sounds surreal for me how intense the emotions we felt that night were. We were connected beyond physical pleasure, we shared raw emotion and the pleasure we felt was way more intense than anything I have ever felt before, even with my boyfriend at the time. Our bodies responded like it was two pieces of the same entity, perfectly combined. We played and we paused just to enjoy each other even more that night, and honestly I can't even tell how long this whole story lasted. What I remember is that it had left us completely exhausted and fulfilled to a point I have trouble to put words on it. It was more thrilling than any high on drugs or any feeling of drunkenness. To that day we are still only good friends, but I swear he has changed my life completely. I know he connected me to a whole new side of my sexuality, and I know I did the same for him.