I've Been with a Male Escort

A Sexual Fantasy

— By MillerFan

For my 30th birthday, my friends hired a male escort (read: hooker). We all thought it was a funny joke, but they already paid for the guy. I just had to set the date.

I was going through a rough time: I'd just gotten divorced, and couldn't afford to finish my degree. So one night, after a bottle of wine, having his company sounded like the best idea in the world. I called his agency and set an appointment.

I was so nervous, it took me hours just to figure out what to wear. A fancy dress? Sweatpants? Lingerie??

But it was all for nothing, because this guy was a real professional. Real gorgeous, real charming, real suave, and a really great body. He took things slow until I was totally relaxed. Then he made me cum ... twice.