I've always wanted you

A Sexual Fantasy

— By MillBenz

Ever since puberty I have wanted to have sex with my best friend who I've know since first grade. He is just so dreamy and handsome and built but is also awkwardly shy. It has always been hard to discuss sexual things with him because of how awkward he is. But now that we are both adults and married that dream is gone. I always think in my head how hot it would be for one day we would just be hanging out at a bar drinking and maybe got a little bit too tipsy and when we got back to one of our places we would just be talking and laughing and accidentally kiss and then he confesses he's always wanted to have sex with me but didn't know how to bring it up, and he likes rough (spanking and choking) sex. Then we end up having raw and amazing rough sex and and wake up in the morning completely confused of what just happened.