It's oh so dark!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

It's 3 AM, I'm alone, and something woke me up... It is pitchblack in my bedroom, and do I hear someone breathing? Suddenly, I feel somebody next to me in bed, hands grabbing my breasts, fingers running through my pubic hair, searching for my pussy... Then, I feel a hard cock against my body, and before I know it, it wants to penetrate my mouth. I open my mouth, to let him in, and he starts to facefuck me. His fingers are deep in my pussy now, playing with my little clit, his tongue licking it's way up my butthole. Than, suddenly, I shiver, and have the most intense orgasm I ever had, and he pulls his cock out of my mouth, dripping wet of my own saliva. He puts me on my knees, and I can feel his cock searching for an opening to penetrate. His cock slips past my pussy, and enters my butt in one, eager thrust. I shout of surprise, and after a few thrusts we found a smooth rhythm and my anal muscle relaxes. After a few minutes he started moaning, and soon he filled my asshole with his pearly cream. I passed out for a few seconds, and when I came round, I was alone again.
The next morning, I sent an email to the agency, thanking them for fulfilling my deepest sexual wish.