It was so wrong, but so good.

A Sexual Fantasy

— By pushmeagainstthewall

We were sitting in the hostel's kitchen after the bar, having a couple more caipirinhas before bed with a bunch of Aussies. My friend's girl stood up at one point and went back to her room to grab her cigarettes. She gave me the dirtiest look on her way upstairs and I couldn't resist. Despite the fact that I had my girl sitting on me, I had to go. I felt my dick getting harder and harder as I was approaching her room.

The door was open when I got to her room. She was standing there, topless. Her long, salty, blond hair were covering one of her nipples and I couldn't wait to see the other one. I closed the door, she walked towards me and started kissing me like crazy, knowing it was so wrong but so good.

I flipped her around and pushed her against the door. Her nice hair covering her face, I could see that same dirty look she gave me 2 minutes earlier to catch my attention on her way up to the room. She pushed my pants down, touched my very, very hard cock, and made a sound I'll always remember. A mix of relief and pure passion, hard to describe. She spat in her hand once and forced me inside of her tight, warm, soft pussy. Here I was, standing up against a door, slowly feeling my dick sliding inside my new girlfriend's best friend, but also my friend's girlfriend.

I grabbed her tits with both hands and went as deep as I could, as fast as I could. We both knew it had to be done in a matter of minutes. We both felt like animals...and it was so good.

We ended up going back downstairs separately to join the rest of the group. Smiling, grabbing each others legs and ass every time we could under the table. It was a hot, very hot, summer night. This is one of many traveling stories I have for you...

It was so wrong, but so good :)