It takes two to tango

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Tango

I met this visitor lady at my favourite local milonga (tango salon). We made a friendly connection from the first moment and had great dances. She happened to be one of the organisers of a charity milonga they set up once a year and is quite an event in the community around. She invited me to participate in the charity as a taxi dancer.
As a "taxi dancer", women pay a small fee to dance one tanda (four songs) with you-- all proceedings going to charity, of course. I was busy the whole evening, and that was a lot of fun. For once, it was the women saying who they wanted to dance with and coming to ask me instead of the other way around.
There was this French lady, petite but curvy, exquisitely dressed but lovely perfumed, maybe in her late forties. She was not unfamiliar to me, we come from the same city and we had danced before. Pleasant but nothing memorable, not the kind of woman who abandons herself in the dance.
The thing is, she kept paying for me tanda and tanda again. But this time she was joyful, playful, bubbly. I guess she was enjoying the unexpected turnaround in power, being the one choosing who to dance with. She was dancing flirty and looking for my embrace and I started being really attracted to her.
After six hours of tango, they announced the last tanda and, to spice it up, they would auction the taxi dancers. There was a little bidding going on for me but my French girl was not to let me go, as you can imagine at this point. As the last dance ended and we were clapping to the DJ she said to me "I loved having you as my bitch tonight". I burst out laughing, that was unexpected. "Oh well, so far I enjoy being your bitch but the night is not over yet. Anything else you want me to do?"
One hour later we were at her hotel room and she was being pretty specific about what else she wanted me to do. Not that you need many hints when you have a lovely French butt sitting on your face, though.