Inspired by Carol

A Sexual Fantasy

— By no13baby

My boyfriend is my life partner and he's the only dick I'll ever need, but I am polyamorous and he has a major jealousy issue. So I can never tell him about the fantasy I have where he and I are married, and I reconnect with my ex, my first love. She's married happily too, which is great, because I'll always love her and I want her to be happy above all.

But god, she is so hot. We were so good at sex. Although I'm fully committed to one dick, I'm always gonna be hungry for some wonderful pussy. Especially hers.

So in my dream she and I quickly become friends again and we soon remember how powerful the love is between two women. It is a bond like no other. Women are the most beautiful beings on the planet. We start fucking on the side. In the interest of honesty, I want to discuss it with our husbands and set up a polyamorous agreement... but I'd rather just keep it between me and her.

Eventually our husbands might go before we do and then we'll live out our life together till the very end.