An Insemination to Remember

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LatexLover1953

We were in our early thirties and had been unsuccessfully trying to conceive for the last four years. My wife's gynaecologist referred us to a fertility specialist.

She was a raving beauty that I fantasized about doing immediately. After several appointments, and having to produce a sperm specimen there in the office to have my sperm count checked, she decided that we would try in-office insemination on our next appointment.

The instructions to me were simple; no ejaculations for three full days before a date that matched my wife’s day of ovulation.

The wife noticed my infatuation with the redheaded doctor. “Do you fantasize about her?”

I answered honestly, “Yes, I do.”

She shocked me by saying, “So do I.”

Nothing more was said about that subject.

On the morning of the appointment, I took an old-fashioned condom with me. It had no spermicide and was un-lubricated.

My wife was placed in the stirrups, and the doctor had her blond nurse in there as well this time. She viewed her cervix for signs of ovulation through a speculum and pronounced that we were going to do it today. She handed me a plastic cup and said “Produce a specimen, we will be right outside. As quick as you can, open the door to let us know when you are done.”

They left, and I unzipped my pants. I needed no additional stimulation, and I rolled the rubber onto it.

My wife accepted what I was doing, and I drove into her lubricated vagina. I was fantasizing about the two of them right outside the door. I had to stifle a scream as I unloaded in my wife.

I quickly put the semen in the cup and put the rubber in my pocket and opened the door.

The nurse smiled at me and said: “that was quick.”

After they put the semen in the syringe and injected it onto my wife's cervix, she had to wait on the table for an hour.

“So which one did you do?” she asked.

“Both", I answered.