Infinite Mirror

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LandM

As a couple we have always enjoyed thinking and talking about the infinite...the universe, space, the constantly changing seasons.
I like those internet forums where people post pictures and state a theme, like water, then someone else posts a picture with water and then give a new theme like sunsets, etc. They go on and on and on. An idea came to masturbate in front of the camera. Slowly on a bed, stroking until I cum. With that video L takes the video, watches the video with the image in view of the camera, fingers and masturbates slowly circling her anus with one hand and clit with the other, slowly until she finishes. She gives me the video to watch, with the video in view I follow, instead of the bed I do it on the sofa. The difference between me and her is she played with her anus, so I play with mine. I finish and hand the video back. She takes the video and videos herself with the new video in view on the sofa, she wears lingerie and only fingers over her panties as a wet patch builds. When she finishes she passes it back. I watch again and I cum in my tight boxer shorts but I do this with a vibrator.... And it infinitely goes on and on and on and on...