I'm Through with my Virginity

A Sexual Fantasy

— By BexW

I'm a 34 year old virgin. Or at least I was. I spent years waiting for "Mr. Right" to come along, being a good girl, working or going to school. I'm also full-figured, and I had self-esteem issues. The years passed and somehow I never had my first time or even having touched a man or been touched. I finally got settled into a good career, one where I travel and make enough to support myself and do what I want. I decided, during one of my long assignments to a large metro area, that I was going to take control of my sexual future, so at the very least, I could say I've at least experienced sex. I found a website for men looking to to spoil women, looking to mentor them and looking for companionship. I talked with a few gentlemen, then finally met a man 15 years older than me, well educated, and very interested in helping me through my sexual discovery. We talked on the phone a bit and then decided to meet up at a local hotel bar and see where the night took us. He was tall, lean and had a bit of grey peppered through his hair. We met, and although the nerves threatened to eat me alive, I decided to take the plunge and we went to his room. At any time, he would have stopped if I asked, but I was awakening, being worshipped, and I decided it was as good a time as any to take the final step. There was no love or flowers and hearts, it was simply a case of one person sharing knowledge with another, but in the most intimate of manners. He taught me how to kiss deeper, how to touch him, how he could touch me, he licked me until I came, and helped me discover erogenous areas I didn't even know I had. He took my virginity with little fanfare, and it was sweet and erotic and I discovered how amazing having a man inside you can feel. I call him the Professor when I talk to my friends, because he would whisper little tips or direction to me during, to guide me in my exploration. We met up a total of 3 times and he helped me learn about myself, helped my confidence and showed me that there's a sensual woman in me who has hidden for too long.