I'm petite but I can take it

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

I am a petite asian girl, and I love tall, masculine men, because I feel comfortable and well protected with them. Lately I met a big, black guy, who was BIG in every way, if you know what I mean... When I saw him naked for the first time, I was shocked with what I saw between his legs, his cock was as long and thick as my under arm, with the head of his dick the size of my fist... He said that most women had the same reaction, and wouldn't even want to try having sex with him. I said that I wanted to try, but that he had to be really careful with his magic wand... I grabbed a bottle of lube and started massaging his enormous dick. I had to use both hands to grab it fully. He started to lick my little pussy, and didn't stop there, soon I felt his tongue exploring my tight butthole. It tickled at first, making it even tighter, but shortly after it relaxed, and he gently pushed a tall, black finger the whole way in. His cock was so hard now, that it almost exploded, wanting a hole to fill. I let myself on him, and managed to let half of his cock in my vagina, it was stretched to the max, couldn't take more... I rode him for a while, but I saw by the look on his face that he wanted full penetration, which was impossible in my pussy. When he suggested anal, I was shocked but intrigued by the idea, so I let him lube my butt and slowly, inch by inch, I managed to get the whole thing inside me. I rode his cock really slowly, and soon, my butt was so relaxed, that I could speed up. Soon we reached orgasm together, this was my most intense sexual encounter ever!