I'm glad I showed up looking sexy as hell

A Sexual Fantasy

— By marlowekwilliams

With one hand you unwrapped the dress I was wearing. A plum colored, floor length silk gown with a high split up my left thigh. Your hands had wandered that thigh all night long. While you pretended to be genuinely interested in what I was saying, your hands were doing their own evaluation. Firm. Check. Waxed. Check. Wearing a G-string. Check. I like a take charge kind-of-guy. And, you seemed to possess all of the required criteria. Over six feet tall, tan, wavy hair, and best of all--a killer smile. When you went to pick up your drink, I noticed that your hands were big, like you played football growing up. But, your fingernails were neatly manicured. You took good care of yourself. I liked that. And, you smelled good. Fresh, not overly cologned, just clean. I'm glad this day I was looking good, this DVF dress never disappoints. The way my titties sit up with just the right amount of cleavage. They make any man think about sucking on them until his dick is hard. The fabric rides my ass just right. Not too tight to look like a slut, but tight enough to see every contour. I've been told that it's a difficult task keeping your hands to yourself when I walk in the room.

I wanted to kiss you, maybe even lick you from the first moment I saw you. Not one to make the first move, I'd rather be dominated, I waited for your cue that things would progress. This was foreplay. I wanted to be open and honest with you from the start. I only wanted to fuck you or better yet, I only wanted you to fuck me. I was in a long distance relationship that was built on lies and deceit, yet we had managed to keep up the charade for ten years. With you, I only wanted my basic needs fulfilled. I wanted come and come hard. Everywhere. On your dick, in your mouth, on your hand or mine. Whenever and where ever you directed. But, right now, I needed the dance, the foreplay, the tension to build. Most importantly, I needed my pussy to get extremely wet while sitting at this bar. If it did, and I believed that it would, the rest would be easy.