I'll Pay For Feet

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Xbeing

This fantasy is actually about an XConfession by Foot Monster titled 'Feet Through The Wall'. It really caught my attention. I'd like to be one of the clients that pays to play with the feet. I would first grab this person's feet and take my time smelling them. Then I would lick them and suck on them. Not caring if someone has been there before me. Then I imagine that there's a lube dispenser on the wall so I get some and lube up one of the fat toes and I penetrate my anus with it and I begin to masturbate. Next, I take out the toe and I grab one of the feet to spank it with my penis. Then I grab both feet and begin to stroke my penis with them while I admire the feet and legs. I'm not sure if this is a woman or a man. The legs and feet are hairless. The figure of the legs kinda seem like a slim guy but it might be a girl. I've never been with a guy before and so this experience is even more thrilling because of that. I'd rather not know. It's more fun that way. I continue to stroke until I erupt all over these beautiful filthy feet. My semen all over the toes and dirty soles. There's a wet wipes dispenser on the wall too and I was instructed to clean the feet after I'm finished so I did. I take my time wiping the feet clean thoroughly. Once finished, I take one last moment to admire such beautiful feet. Then I kiss both of them and leave. I wonder what the face on the other side of that wall was wondering during the our interaction.