If there was a group of me, taking you, together.

A Sexual Fantasy

— By PrimalGuy

It is prehistoric times. You are alone in our cave. Naked, warm, safe. But alone.

I am off hunting. I have had to go far to find the food we need. I have been away a long time. I will return soon. But you miss me. You need me.

I am not there to take your body. So you have summoned many others, in your mind, to take my place until I return. Different versions of me: thicker, thinner. Rougher, gentler. But all wanting you badly, and ready to take you. Together.

You lay on your back, on the floor, on a bearskin. Legs parted, arms outstretched beyond your head. Eyes closed. Total submission. We feast on you. Two hands on each breast, a mouth on each nipple. A cock in your mouth. Fingers massaging your clit. A cock pumping inside of you. Taking turns. Shifting position. Driving you into a sexual frenzy. Wave upon wave upon wave of arousal. Climaxing again and again. Cocks bursting inside of you. Cocks exploding over you, painting you with come.

I return to find you on our bearskin rug, masturbating frantically. Two fingers deep inside of you, two fingers deep in your mouth. In a flash I am excited beyond control and mount you. I take you in every possible way. I penetrate you in every possible place. There is no part of you left untouched, no part of you that I haven't covered with my come.

It is as if there was a group of me, taking you, together.