If Bonnie&Clyde could sextext

A Sexual Fantasy

— By egeria

When I first saw a picture of him on a dating website, I thought : way too attractive, tall, dark, handsome, something so sexual about him... I could never handle that. So I skipped his profile.
But the day after, I received a message from him, asking me to chat. I accepted. We're attracted to what frightens us. He started by playing a game, truth or dare and after some casual questions, he asked : what is the colour of your underwear?
And I said the truth : I do not wear any.
-When was the first and last time you made love?
-I'm still a virgin.
- Spontaneously, would you say you want to have your first time with me?
I looked at the screen, mouth open, completely shocked and extremely aroused, then I typed : Yes.
From then on, we shared for months our sexual fantasies, naked pictures or erotic videos. Him initiating me most of the time and taking himself great pleasure in his domineering character. We shared an account on a dating website, calling ourselves Bonnie&Clyde and performing role plays. We could have dirty talk that became so horny and aggressive that we would touch ourselves at the same time and orgasm just by thinking about each other. He told me to penetrate myself with objects that became bigger and bigger, preparing myself for him. And so I did lose my virginity virtually, but through him and I still hear him say:
-Now we're going to meet and it's going to be gentle and savage at the same time, I want you so much. You have such a wonderful body, I'm going to fuck you so hard you will forget all about your virginity, once and for all and my dick will ravage you and stay right there!
Oh yes!