I ride

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Slumber

I was on holiday in Italy and we went to a club with a couple of girls from our Hostel. I stayed in a 8 people mixed dorm with my best friend. The girls were all flirty but I did not feel like making out or being girly. After a while, I went out to smoke a cigarette. I found the Canadian girl from my Hostel sitting with this guy in the house entrance and she was stroking and massaging his thigh. When I found out he was from Germany we started to talk and joke around in German. We became really ironic so I told him how he must be a hell of a man to pick up girls that easy. He told me his name and tried to talk about his job (of course he was an artist or musician or something from Berlin). I really did not care so I´ll call him a random name (Sven) and shrugged as everybody in Berlin is a musician or an artist. Suddenly his manner changed. I think he found it hot that I was so indifferent about him and that we were just prattling. While we were talking he was still being touched by the Canadian girl, but suddenly she also started touching me. I don't know when and why I decided to tell him to come to our hostel (I think he said something about having lost his friends and not knowing the way back to the BnB apartment.) Sitting in the taxi we knew what was about to happen and when I called him Sven he grabbed my as and bit my ear. The only problem we had to solve was making out in a room with 8 people. We first layed down because our alibi was that he did not have a place to sleep. He spooned me and kept biting my ear and suddenly stuck his finger into my pussy. I told him to meet me in the bathroom, He licked me whilst his fingers where inside of me. As I was standing I was able to move just how I like it and use his fingers to please the parts I prefer most. I sat on top of him on the chair and used him for whatever I liked. Afterwards we slept a little in my bed, waking early enough for the others not to be awake and make sure I kicked him out!