I Pegged My Boyfriend

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Moni

When I first met him, he seemed to be an ordinary guy. That was before he declared to me that he liked to be fucked by girls.

When he said that I knew I could neither resist him nor let him go. His declaration was exactly the fantasy I have harboured for years, his desire was one that I had shared ... Forever. I love watching gay porn and I always look at the male action. I want to lead the action, I want to give him pleasure and see him in ecstasy. The moment he said he liked pegging I wanted to ask him, no, BEG him to go to bed and fuck.

I needed to have him. Otherwise I would feel like one of the most significant moments in my life had passed away without experiencing anything.

Our first few nights together were spent exploring each others bodies. But on the third night, we couldn't resist trying the newly purchased strap-on. I was delighted to rub his whole back and ass with massage oil and tenderly insert some fingers to ease him into it. He was excited beyond belief and very soon I was in him.

Missionary sex was never so exciting! I felt nothing but raw desire as I moved hips and slid into him. There was nothing more intimate than when he rested his legs against my bum and we made love slowly face-to-face.

I think there is no greater joy than to see your partner enjoying himself so wildly. Soon, he begged to go faster and harder; our needs joined to made the best fucking there is.

We are no longer together, but I'll never forget the partner who finally allowed me to explore this fantasy.