I know it's a cliché to fuck your boss

A Sexual Fantasy

— By GP_L&L

It's cliche...sleeping with your co-worker. I know it. I knew it. My boss knew it.

We were at some work party, and maybe I had too much to drink. Or maybe I was feeling bold. Maybe he was feeling bold. It began with a simple touch of his lapel, I told him the fabric was nice. He smiled, and leaned in to to whisper thank you in my ear. He was one of those traditional New York guys, always in a great suit, always with the best thing to say. I let my lips brush his cheek as he pulled away.

Later that night we were sitting next to each other on some couch. He came close and put his hand my knee. I leaned into him.
"I know you've been with guys on the team." He whispered to me.
"It's just fun."
"Do you want to have fun with me?"

He began to run his fingers up and down my thigh. Then he slipped his hand up my skirt. From my thigh.... down between my legs...feeling the bottom of my underwear with his fingers... leaning in so the security guard standing nearby couldn’t see. I leaned my head over his right shoulder and took a sharp breath in. He pulled them down, so his fingers were so close to my clit, brushing near, but not on… driving me wild.

“You are still wearing your underwear, and it is clean,” He whispered in my left ear. “I guess you haven't been having fun recently, you're just getting wet now.” And finally he let his fingers brush against my clit.