I kissed a girl and I liked it

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Moose

I kissed a girl at a bar, not because I want to be with her, but because I wanted to win a bet. But when I went to her at the dance floor and felt her breast and kissed her lips, she looked at me with eyes I didn't know existed. Three months later I meet her in another city at a new bar. The same eyes looked at me this time from across a table, then I knew, I wanted to be with her. She took me home to her place. She was 10 years older than me, and had a cap on her head. She enjoyed herself. She liked to show herself to me, and I loved it. She was so powerful in that moment. We fucked. We used each other, and we were totally strangers. We haven't talked for more than 15 minutes. But we wanted the same. Sex.
When she got on top of me, she turned around with her back in front of my face, and sat on my vagina. Then she rolled her hips, and fell down at the mattress. With her face close to my feet, she grinded my vagina with her vagina. I took my hands and placed them at her but, and then I started to push her back and forward. She became very wet, and her juice came down to my vagina. I came, but she kept on rolling her hips. She could not get enough.