I Follow Orders

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

I'm an submissive girl. In a sexual way, not BDSM style. I like to take orders, that stretch the boundaries of my sexual an physical limits. So, lately I got a text message from my lover, saying to prepare for my next challenge. So, I showered, lubed my lower body cavities, and put on an flimsy summer dress, with nothing under. The next text message ordered me to go to the park. I was ordered to sit on a bench, and spread my legs a little, just enough to let people peek in. Soon I had company, a gardner who worked there, came by taking a peek between my legs. A new message came in, ordering me to seduce him. So, I asked him to lick my pussy, and raised my skirt to give him better access. He was pleasantly surprised when he noticed that my butt was already lubed, caressing it with his tongue. Then a new text came in, ordering me to let him buttfuck me! I climbed on the backrest of the bench, pushing my buttcheeks backwards. He stood behind it, gently pushing his cock. He fucked me quietly for a few minutes, until I orgasmed. Quietly, I stepped down, and felt his cock slide out of my butt. I licked him clean, lowering my skirt over my buttocks. I went home.

Now I am curious for my next challenge...