I don't do hook-ups

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Zahra

We were both students (him medicine and me law) and met at the university gym where we worked as fitness trainers. I remember the very first time our eyes met - it instantly clicked. His calm, yet steady blue eyes and confident movements turned me on immensely. However, we both had partners.

Some time later I had an accident, so I had to quit the job; he also quit working because of uni matters, but we kind of stayed in touch as months went buy. Eventually he told me he broke up with his girlfriend (and I was single again, too), but it was all casual and I honestly felt sorry to hear that. We wanted to meet up and cook lasagna at my place. I assumed we were just gonna hang out and catch up, however I suspected it might go in a different kind of direction.

The moment I saw him coming up the stairs to my flat I completely lost it. He was even better looking than I remembered! Even though I am usually not the shy kind of person I could literally not utter a single logical sentence for a solid two hours. While we were cooking he quite often touched me casually - brushing his hand against mine when I handed him something etc. Each time I just froze inside and couldn't look him in the eye.

Needless to say that I was too nervous to even finish my lasagne and we just sat on my sofa and talked while it was slowly getting dark outside. I turned a dimmed, warm light on. He told me that he wanted to check my arm (my elbow has been operated a week before), so I took my sweater off and caught him take a glance at my breasts that were only covered by a tight t-shirt I was wearing underneath. There was a short moment of silence in which we just looked in each others eyes. Suddenly he took my hand and put it on his neck, still looking in my eyes, and put his hand on my neck, caressing it. I could not believe what was happening. He leaned over and kissed me, and I did not expect the intensity with which his mouth, lips and tongue met mine. After we made out on the sofa for a little while I said that I would prefer continuing on the bed since my sofa was pretty wrecked, so he picked me up and threw me on the bed. I didn't think that, after my sexually fulfilling relationship, anything could blow me away - but what continued certainly did. Everything he did was just perfect - the way he moved his hips (I should also mention that he is a dancer), the way he kissed and licked my face, ears, neck, my belly, how he massaged my breasts... the way he pressed my hand into the matress while at the same time working it between my legs with his other hand or grabbing my ass and my thighs... I remember him sucking my fingers and his fingers in my mouth.. my nails digging into his back.. feeling him hard... I can still hear how he whispered my name into my ear, feel how he put his weight on me, made me feel his power over me, turning me around any way he wanted, telling me how my petite figure turns him on... I never truly lost myself before, I always kind of had my partner in mind. But this was just pure sensation, pure lust, pure pleasure. My freshly operated arm didn't matter much to us.

Whenever I look at the fairly big scar today, one year later, I remember this evening.

I also wonder what I have missed by saying that "I don't do hook-ups". I never saw him again.