I Command You To Come

A Sexual Fantasy

— By PrimalGuy

You sit in your appointed chair and await my instructions. I sit opposite you. I am silent, so you are too. You are nervous, but already excited.

I command you to unbutton the top of your blouse. You of course obey. Already you start blushing. Still no talking. Only my commands. The next button, then the next. Then take the blouse off.

You know I do not want you wearing a bra, so of course you have not worn one. Your breasts are flush, and your nipples are hard. You want so badly to caress them, but you do not dare pre-empt my command. I can see the pleading in your face. With a simple nod, I let you.

With a sigh of relief you massage yourself, caress yourself. Squeeze your breasts, caress your nipples. I see you squeeze your knees together and know you're feeling very excited between your legs. I command you to stand, then pull down your skirt. No underwear, of course.

You are now gasping with anticipation. You need to come so badly. I wait until I can sense your desperation, then give you the command you need to hear so badly: “now.”

You stand in front of me and masturbate feverishly, desperately. Two fingers inside of you, two massaging your clit. You buck as you fuck yourself faster and faster. Back arched, head back, eyes closed, you come with a deep-throated moan that fills the room.

You collapse onto the floor, exhausted. After a moment, you crawl to me on your hands and knees. Now you are ready to really get off. First you will suck me. Then I will instruct you further.