Hurry up

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Dkaimat

My sister has a new friend, which she introduced to my wife and I at a family Friday while we were visiting my parents house.

She is a pretty brunette with a flaming hot body around 20 years old. Every time during my stay I would happen to look at her as she was starting at me. We didn't talk much.

I saw her again 2 or 3 times during similar days. A couple of months later my sister asked her to drop a dress by at my place for my wife. I was drinking scotch and smoking, my wife was at work, so no one was home. She rang the doorbell, I opened the door and invited her in to smoke and drink with me. After a couple of drinks she threw herself at me, (of course I was flirting with her the whole time), and we had extremely rough sex.

After that night, she shows up every Friday at my parents place and we sneak up the stairs and have a quickie while still in our clothes. We both know that if we get caught it will not be pretty! One thing is for sure... She definitely made Fridays a better day for me!