Hungry for a Cream Pie

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Wink

For a long time now Ive had a desire to slide my tongue through my wife's wet pussy after filling it with my cum. The idea of her pressing my face between her thighs to clean up our juices usually makes me lose control. The cruel part of this fetish is that the urge disappears as soon as I cum.

My fantasy is to be forced by my wife to clean her pussy after we fuck. In my fantasy she wants this to happen more than I do. I imagine her tying me to the bed, teasing my cock until it feels like it will explode, then sliding it inside her causing me to cum out of control. Her only intention is to make me cum inside her so she can feel me worship her pussy by cleaning it out with my tongue. While eating her out, she cums harder than usual, and her legs begin to quiver.