How to survive a heatwave in Holland

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Heatwave in Holland... For over 3 weeks the temperatures go well over 30 * C. Every night it is a struggle to fall asleep in my small, overheated old apartment. Every night about midnight I hear my neighbors having sex in the apartments around me, thank to all those open windows to catch some cool air. But I am currently alone, no lover for me for having sweaty sex! After about an hour I give up, go to my kitchen to drink some water. But when I open my fridge to get some cold water, a fresh, cool cucumber is giving me a very naughty idea! This cool cucumber, some olive oil... and I have the ideal partner for some summer solo sex!

So what does this lonesome girl do? Exactly! Back in bed I rub my pussy with some olive oil until all is moist and juicy down there. Then I oil up my new green friend... will I dare to do it? After only a second of hesitation I slowly push the cuke in as deep as I dare. After a minute or so I find a smooth rhythm. with my other hand I slowly rub my clit. What a feeling! The coolness of the vegetable in my hotted up cavity! Sooner than I expected I reached a screaming orgasm. Covered in sweat I lay on my bed, looking at the ceiling in post orgasmic bliss. For the first time this summer I hope the heatwave will go on, and on, and on, and...