Hotel room neighbour

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ceculi

I used to travel a lot with my last job, spending lots of nights alone and lonely in a fancy Hotel room. One time of those I stayed a few days at one place. There was a guy living in the room next to me. He must have been slightly older than me and always wore a very tidy suit when I encountered him. We noticed each other. We just said hi, we never exchanged a word. On the last night we happened to open our doors at the same time. There was this one look which took a little bit too long to be random. Then once in my room I was left to myself again. I couldn't help but letting my fantasy run wild while lying naked in my bed. I imagined him knocking on my door. I would open it just as I was and without a word we would have passionate and stormy sex, soothing our loneliness. I never saw him again.