A Sexual Fantasy

— By wopwopkross

Oh really, you need me to come over and help you this late?
Ah okay you're a good friend, why not.
I climb though your widow like I always do,
you lay there waiting in your pj's and I'm highly weirded out by the fact that I can see a nipple,
you laugh and I come sit on your bed.
I explain some stuff while you just stare at me,
until you can't wait and kiss me.
We make out like those stupid comedy movies but we love it,
I get hard and you smile,
I say maybe it's time to go but you're always the naughty one and pull down my pants and start sucking,
like there's no tomorrow.
I finger you from behind and you stop sucking me off and start to look in my eyes while I feel you getting wetter.
I lay you on your back and go down on you, you cum way to loud and stop me right after,
because you don't want to wake up the neighbors.
You pull me over you and put my cock inside your wet pussy.
It feels so good, going faster and deeper inside you,
feeling your body grasping me and building up to an orgasm.
I don't want to cum straight away so I ask which position you want next and you answer with a confident,
against the wall daddy.
I pull your hair and spank my naughty girl's ass,
until I fill you with all daddy's cum.