Hole In One

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Griswold

I'm a golf teaching pro.

I usually work with groups of children from different ages (4 years to 14), and that makes me happy.

I'm always professional, and always try to teach my best.

As a Pro I see how my students arrive to the golf course, where I work.

Usually mothers of my students dropping off, and waiting til their child's done.

One day I saw pretty young mother waiting for the end of her child's lesson, looking really interested with everything I was trying to teach, so after the lesson she came to me thank me, and she asked me to give her a few lessons, because she really enjoyed the sport, but never had any lessons with a Pro.

I told her to come tomorrow.

She came, beautiful as I had remembered, with pretty blonde hair, short golf skirt, white polo, and pink Titleist cap, on her head.

We started talking, and joking, then we started our lesson.

First of all I tried to show her how to correctly grip the club, so I had to touch her hands. Her skin was so gentle, and her perfume smelled soooo good.

Our second excercise was correct posture. I had to stand behind her, and I started feeling uncomfortable, because she started moving her hips towards me, and I felt her shapely ass touching my hips, and slowly moving. I was so horny that day.

I pushed my hips closer, and that was the moment our golf lesson ended.

She grabbed my hand and took me to the service room, with golf trolleys, clubs, balls.

I knew what was going to happen and I was over the overjoyed.

She started kissing my lips, and slowly started moving down, and down.

She got on her knees, and took off my shorts. I was so hard that moment, as never before.

She gave me a blowjob with one golf glove on her hand. She didn't let me to cum. She said: Take me now from behind.

I took of her golf skirt, and spit on my fingers...

I started moving forward, and back, forward, and back. Too fast to describe how quick it was.

Suddenly she asked me: could you put one finger in to my ass? That question sounded like a dream. I gave her what she wanted.

I fucked her surrounded by golf clubs, trolleys.

And she payed me, for the lesson.