Hitting the Rewind Button...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By SecretUser17

Well this might seem like an odd fetish for you but I was inspired to write this after some encouragement by katana217 and his "speedfreaks". In all honesty, my fetish is similar to theirs in that it involves a button found on the old VCR machine... except it goes in the other direction regardless of whether it's in normal speed or fast.

I guess my fascination for seeing the whole act of making love in reverse stems from... well... seeing all those other cool everyday things being done in reverse. It just tickles my fancy to see rain fall up from the ground back into to the sky, vehicles barreling down the highway boot first, swimmers emerging from the water completely dry, and broken objects being made whole again. Movies and TV shows that tell stories backwards like the French film Irreversible, the British sci-fi series Red Dwarf with its zany backwards episode "Backwards", and the old classic Czech film Happy End intrigue me too.

I would definitely love to see a backwards porno professionally made - yes I understand its very simple to just download a porno and hit the rewind button, but if mainstream media are allowed to experiment in that way, I'm sure that you can do that for porn too.