Hitachi, Mon Amour

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

I've been widowed a few years back... The great love of my life passed away and I'm all alone now. No need for a new man in my life, no one could replace this kind, gifted man. Since he died I lost all appetite for sex, I did not even masturbate anymore! So when my best girlfriend and I were talking about (the lack) of sex and relationships, I confided all this to her. She was appalled! How could I survive without an good orgasm every now and then? When we met next time, she had a gift for me... It was an enormous box, wrapped in black and gold paper, embossed with the logo of a well-known adult toy shop... Later that night, when I finally dared to open it, I was shocked by the size of that humongous thing. It was a Hitachi Magic Wand! But that thing would never fit in me! But when I read the instructions, I relaxed a bit. It was not for IN my pussy, but for against it! After a long, relaxing bath I gathered enough courage to try the contraption. It made a clearly audible purring sound, and the head vibrated vigorously! At last I dared pushing the head against my neglected clit. What an intense feeling this gave me! Within minutes i reached my first orgasm since a very long time, and when I went to sleep I was still shaking of the intensity of my multiple orgasms. I am still mourning, but I do have a new best friend!

Hitachi Mon amour!