His torturous touch in public

A Sexual Fantasy

— By yupyup

We were out for drinks, didn't really know one another. We talked and with time got closer to one another. He suddenly told me that he was the "visual" type. I didn't immediately understand. We changed topic as he sat next to me and slid his hand down my back. I can't stop thinking about it. I can't stop thinking about his finger running along the top of my striped shirt, slowly caressing my shoulders, then my arms. They brushed through my stomach, making me jump a little bit. I blushed and screamed "stop it". Putting his hand, on my knee he asked "why ?". I laughed and explained that I couldn't focus on what I was saying if he kept on touching me. That didn't stop him. He loved watching me lose my temper, stumbling on words and trying to find what I was saying. His hand then slid to my knees, my thighs and my inner thighs, making me tremble. He put them back on my ribs, brushing gently my breast in the mean time. And he wouldn't stop, looking at me, in front of everybody in the bar, while touching my "weak points". I became more and more red, my eyes half-closed, as if I was on the verge of having an orgasm. And I couldn't take it in anymore, I needed more than this light, gentle torture. He kissed me, pushing my body against his. We were both seated on a bench, and I looked half amused, half ashamed at the other people of the bar. Some of them were looking at us, smiling. We couldn't stay any longer, I managed to get up, despite my shaking knees and took him back to mine. Coming home he suddenly took me, dragged me to the bed and started to remove every piece of clothing I had.