High speed pas-de-deux

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

I am, a Dutch ballet dancer, currently following a course at a famous dance academy in NY. I am tall, for a dancer, and my breasts are quite large also, and I am an natural blonde. There are dancers from all over the world in this school. One of them was a beautiful, black dancer. Soon I heard rumors about the size of his dick, so when I had to dance a pas de deux with him I watched the size of his cup. Indeed, it was larger then the most other male dancers. We went to have a coffee and I asked about it (with a blush on my face). He admitted that most women were afraid of the size of his cock. We started dating, until we ended up in his small student room. When I opened the zip of his pants, I was shocked when I saw his cock! At least 20 cm, an not even erect yet... Soon we were both naked, and I started playing with his cock, witch grew rapidly. He was pleased when he discovered that I was a real blonde, with a perfect heart-shaped patch of pubic hair. When he was fully erect, it was as long as my arm,and his balls were the size of my fist, he was very impressive! He licked me very well and I was surprised that he started licking my butt too. I felt my butthole relax, he applied some lube and started to massage my butthole with it, until it was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep... Then, he applied more lube on his dick and laid behind me, his cock touching my tiny butt. Gently, he worked his dick in, until it was entirely inside me. He started playing with my pussy and clit, when he slowly started to thrust in my butt. After a few minutes, I reached an intense orgasm. When I relaxed he started to thrust harder, working his way to his own orgasm.